Now 120 MEPs demand Hungary is STRIPPED of voting rights... Brussels is determined to make Orban pay

At least 120 MEPs now want to Hungary to be stripped of voting rights.

At least 120 MEPs now want to Hungary to be stripped of voting rights.

Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 15/01/2024

- 13:22

Many in Brussels are now determined to punish Hungarian PM Viktor Orban

It is clear there is sheer terror from some in Brussels following the announcement by Charles Michel that he would be standing down.

Michel's tilt at becoming an MEP took many in Brussels by surprise, and his decision has ramifications felt strongly by the EU establishment.

It means there will be a vacancy - and if it isn't filled, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will take up the role.

That is because straight after this year's European Elections, from 1st July Hungary takes over the rotating presidency and thus Orban would fill in the European Council President role.

Orban has of course consistently clashed with those in charge of the European Union.

He has vetoed tens of billions of Euros worth of funding for Ukraine, while the EU has held back billions from Hungary. Though Brussels did recently release €10 billion worth of funding to the country.

Nevertheless some within the EU are determined to punish Hungary for their veto on Ukraine. Finland's Petri Sarvamaa has pushed for Hungary to be stripped of its voting rights.

As the Finnish MEP explained: "Launched a historic petition, which, if successful, will allow Mr Orban to be deprived of the right to vote in the Council.

"This is decisively different from anything we have done so far regarding HU – the procedure foreseen in Article 7(2) TEU has never been initiated.

"It’s now or never. The EU's decision-making machinery is simply stuck because of Viktor Orban.

"The only way to make it work is to withhold Orban of his right to vote at the Council. At the same time, we show that no blackmail is allowed in the EU.

"Members have until Friday to co-sign the letter, after which it will be sent to President Metsola. Make-or-Break moment for the EU."

Subsequently, it has been confirmed that some 120 MEPs are now backing this campaign to effectively strip Hungary's Orban of voting rights.

Ringleader of the plan, Petri Sarvamaa, has since claimed: "The success of the letter demonstrates a clear willingness in the Parliament to launch Article 7.2, but above all, it highlights the urgency of addressing Viktor Orbán's actions.

"Next, it would be crucial to measure the final overall support for the petition’s idea in plenary as soon as possible."

And he warned: "This level of support for launching a specific procedure has rarely, if ever, been seen within Parliament."

Whether you agree or disagree with Hungary's action, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has exercised his government's veto within the EU rules.

Now it seems some are determined to make him pay by stripping the country of rights within the European Union bloc.

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