'Black communities aren't asking for this!' Chadwick Moore hits out at North Face 'woke madness'

'Black communities aren't asking for this!' Chadwick Moore hits out at North Face 'woke madness'

'Black communities aren't asking for this!' Chadwick Moore hits out at North Face

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 13/03/2024

- 14:23

North Face shoppers can get a voucher for 20 per cent off at the retailer if they can pass a 'racial inclusion' course

US Author Chadwick Moore has slammed The North Face for its "woke madness" and claimed that "black communities aren't asking for" its latest inclusion effort.

The outdoor goods retailer launched an online programme last month for a “more equitable” countryside and offered its customers a 20 per cent discount if they took part in a woke 'racial inclusion' course.

To get the voucher, participants must correctly answer a multiple-choice quiz at the end of all four modules, including subjects such as “white privilege”.

Speaking to GBN America, Moore said: "It's so funny that what North Face is doing here, claiming that there's some sort of racist barrier to the outdoors is once again what the left always does.

The North Face

The North Face has a news intuitive


"It's ignoring personal choice and freedom of choice. Maybe some groups simply aren't that excited to go out and camp with grizzly bears or go kayaking or canoeing in the Rocky Mountains while other groups are.

"I don't see any famous hip-hop brands saying they have a problem with white people not wearing their clothing. And how do they encourage that?

"Once again, it's these guilt-stricken white people that run North Face trying to assuage this strange guilt they have for the way they were born and the colour of their skin."

"There's not many people who are asking for this. I don't see many black communities saying that there's a problem with racism in the outdoors.

Mark Dolan, Chadwick Moore

Chadwick Moore said that communities differ

GBN America

"I think it's a matter of personal choice and what some communities and people like to do in their spare time and what others don't."

Earlier in the interview he branded the move "clownish" and claimed that it was "stupid."

He said: "These companies, a lot of them are making a wager when it comes to going full woke and Orwellian.

"In this sense, you need to take some sort of mind control course in order if you want to get a discount on the products.

Outdoor climber

The North Face sells outdoor clothing


"I think they do wager that when they put this out there, they get in the news cycle, then they think that it will encourage sales for one per cent in the population.

"On the other hand, they're currying favour with power when they do things like this.

"They look at who's in power, who's pulling the strings and they do little things like this.

"It cozies up to them for when they might want some sort of favor in the future."

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