‘It is complete nonsense!’ Peter Lloyd and James Oliver in FIERY clash over ‘toxic masculinity’

‘It is complete nonsense!’ Peter Lloyd and James Oliver in FIERY clash over ‘toxic masculinity’

Peter Lloyd and James Oliver had a heated debate over 'toxic masculinity"

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 01/02/2024

- 10:24

A study has revealed that Gen Z is becoming 'polarised' on gender issues

Author Peter Lloyd and men's coach James Oliver entered into a heated debate over "toxic masculinity."

It comes after a study from Kings College London revealed Gen Z is becoming “polarised” on gender issues, with starkly different opinions on the impact of feminism and terms like “toxic masculinity."

Speaking to GB News, Oliver explained "it's a complicated issue."

He said: "I think it's important to say that I don't think masculinity is inherently toxic.

"But I think saying that there are no elements or examples of toxic masculinity is quite naive and it's ignoring the issues that so many men, young men in particular, are facing with trying to understand.

James Oliver

James Oliver argued that masculinity can be toxic

GB News

"Toxic masculinity has come about as a result of an absence of healthy masculinity in our society or our culture. In that vacuum or absence of healthy masculinity and in the age of things like social media polarising using clickbaity content.

"Men like Andrew Tate have stepped into that vacuum and they've given a voice to a lot of the pain points that young men face.

"Unfortunately, I don't think he's done it in a very healthy way. He's done it by taking advantage and sharing a lot of offensive, misogynistic content. As a result, it's polarizing and making things more extreme."

However, Lloyd did not agree with him and slammed his comments as "BS."

\u200bPeter Lloyd, Ellie Costello Stephen Dixon, James Oliver

The pair spoke to GB News

GB News

He said: "I'm sorry. With all due respect that is such BS. There is not an absence of positive masculinity or positive male role models. The overwhelming majority of men are good the majority of the time.

"There are a small number of men who do bad things some of the time, but to pretend that masculinity is somehow devoid of any positive influence? It's complete nonsense.

"The reason people are annoyed, the reason that young men are annoyed at terms like toxic masculinity, is because they're sick of feminism telling them off.

"We've had 60 years of this narrative that men are bad. It's not true. Men are inherently good. And I'll tell you what else. Women aren't inherently better than men, that's for sure.

\u200bPeter Lloyd and James Oliver

The debate got heated

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"There are lots of examples of women being toxic. Why do we never talk about that? Women make false rape allegations, They commit paternity fraud.

"They stop ex-husbands seeing their children. They do lots of terrible things all the time. But we never talk about women's failings, only men's.

"And that's because toxic masculinity isn't a phenomenon.

"It's just propaganda."

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