‘It's all an act!’ Filmmaker who worked with Shamima Begum for 2 years reveals her ‘lies’

‘It's all an act!’ Filmmaker who worked with Shamima Begum for 2 years reveals her ‘lies’
Andrew Drury reveals all about working with Shamima Begum
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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 25/10/2023

- 10:03

Updated: 25/10/2023

- 10:12

Drury admitted 'when I first met her, I felt sorry for her - but she changed'

Filmmaker Andrew Drury has revealed the truth about Shamima Begum, after working with her for two years.

Begum fled the UK in 2015 to join Islamic State, and has since been met with a series of legal battles to return to the country.

In February 2019, her UK citizenship was revoked on national security grounds by former Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

On Tuesday, Begum's lawyers began another bid to overturn the decision at the Court of Appeal, claiming it was "unlawful".

Shamima Begum and Andrew Drury

Andrew Drury worked with Shamima Begum for two years making films

Andrew Drury / GB News

Lawyers representing the Home Office have told the court that the outcome was correct.

Speaking to Ellie Costello and Stephen Dixon on Breakfast, Drury detailed how Begum's character changed over time.

When asked for his opinion on Begum as a person, Drury said: "It changed from the beginning because we were filming out in Syria, so I spent a lot of time in Raqqa.

"When I first met her, I felt sorry for her and she was very apologetic. She said sorry loads of times what she'd done. But during my time over the next two, two and a half years, she changed."

"She changed from being this person that was apologetic for what she'd done. She'd understand that she'd done something really bad to somebody that became a victim, all of over a period. So she'd become from this victim to this angry victim."

When Stephen then asked if Begum was "putting on an act", Drury agreed "Of course. Yeah, she is."

Drury continued: "We say she was groomed. I don't think she was groomed. I don't think she was radicalised. I think she wanted to go. People mistake that she was 15. She was an intelligent girl. They said she was radicalised or groomed online. I don't think so neither, we live in a world where we can see what Isis has done.

"She got what she wanted. She wanted to go and get married out there and she said she was in a happy marriage as well out there. And that changed during my meetings with her."

Andrew Drury appears on GB News

Drury revealed Shamima Begum is 'putting on an act'

GB News

Ellie then pressed Drury to elaborate on his comments, asking "what do you mean by that?", to which Drury revealed: "When I first met her, I asked her was she in love with her husband? And she said she loved him very much. And she showed me pictures that she had of a happy marriage.

"Then I watched a documentary last year, which I didn't really enjoy very much, but because I saw the lies in that. And she said she was then a victim of her husband mental abuse.

"But that wasn't the first thing she told me. So she changes her stories as she goes along."

Ellie then highlighted a comment made by Begum, in which she told Drury she is "no longer sad" about the death of her three children.

Drury said: "Isn't that shocking? I think that to me describes everything about her. She's able to shut everything out. She's able to change.

"She got angry with me last time I was there because I didn't bring a book to her which was Guantánamo Bay Diaries because she wanted to build this victim personality from that book she was using kind of a manual.

"So she's really a mixed up girl."

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