'Neighbours are fed up with it!' Danny Kelly reveals REALITY of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in fierce row

'Neighbours are fed up with it!' Danny Kelly reveals REALITY of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in fierce row

Danny Kelly blasted the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 02/02/2024

- 11:56

Updated: 02/02/2024

- 11:57

Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods aim to reduce the number of vehicles using residential streets.

Second hand car dealer Danny Kelly has blasted Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in a heated debate on GB News.

The Prime Minister introduced Low Traffic Neighbourhoods as a part of his net zero promise but the scheme has proved problematic as an ambulance was blocked from reaching a child having a seizure due to the regulations.

Speaking to GB News, Kelly said: "Look, it's a punitive world out there if you have the temerity to own a car and get behind the wheel.

"As far as the new Highway Code is concerned, this was introduced 2 years ago and I would hazard a guess that 80 per cent of the population didn't even know about it, there lies the problem."

Danny Kelly, Anne Diamons, Stephen Dixon and  Isaac Kenyon

He slammed the areas

GB News

He added: "It's confusing out there. And I feel sorry for the motorist. Because the new rule says that they've got priority rather than you.

"The only way to make sure that they've got that priority is making eye contact with them and hope that both understand each other."

He continued: "I take you back to a more serious point and it's the fact that all roads are so busy and if kind-hearted motorists say cross the road they could get hit by a car on the other side. It's so confusing.

"When this law was introduced or the Highway Code was updated, I think that the government should have blanket bombed the whole of the UK with letters saying if you're a pedestrian or if you're a motorist, here are the new rules.

A low traffic neighbourhood Low traffic neighbourhoods have been installed around the UK PA

The second-hand car dealer added: "I would suggest that maybe a lot of the residents don't want the damn things, but they feel peer pressured and emotionally blackmailed into accepting them when inevitably there'll be some sort of liberal Green councilor knocking on their door.

"The ambulance driver should have known about the obstruction. That is a consequence of people saying let's have a low-traffic neighborhood."

"Let's not have a rat run, but if someone has a cardiac arrest, you are aware that the ambulance is going to have to park 400 yards up the road and you're going to have to be carried on a stretcher.

"So it might have been bad negotiation around the town centre for the ambulance driver.

Danny Kelly, Anne Diamons, Stephen Dixon and  Isaac Kenyon

Danny Kelly spoke to GB News

GB News

"But these LTNs, they're not that popular. If you just Google LTN news you'll see in the northeast of Newcastle, neighbors are fed up with it.

"They're fed up with this ideology. Neighbors aren't happy with it.

"But I get why they're there, kids want to be able to play safely.

"But this is the gritty reality. People might lose their lives."

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