'It is bizarre!' Local shares 'extraordinary update' on the search to find missing Jay Slater

'It is bizarre!' Local shares 'extraordinary update' on the search to find missing Jay Slater

'It is bizarre!' Local shares 'extraordinary' update on the search to find Jay Slater

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 26/06/2024

- 17:23

It has been reported today that the police have received several reports of the British 19-year-old watching football on island

Travel Writer Joe Crawley has revealed there is a "bizarre" update on the search for missing teenager Jay Slater, who disappeared last week.

Slater, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, was last heard from on Monday as he told a friend he planned to walk to his accommodation after missing a bus, a journey expected to take around 11 hours on foot.

Crawley has now claimed that new information suggests he could have been spotted watching the Euros in a local bar.

The writer at Tenerife.com said: "The rumor going around now is that a local mayor in the area has seen Jay in a bar watching the Euro games.

Jay SlaterJay Slater went missing in Tenerife last MondayPA

"Again, unsubstantiated, but this is coming from a member of office. You've got to listen. I mentioned the police are investigating that area now.

"I think it was Santiago del Teide which is the closest town anyway."


GB News host Martin Daubney questioned: "But as you say, if it's not substantiated, if it's a bit of hearsay, there's no actual footage, no actual proof. It could simply be hearsay and could be very distressing to friends and family."

The writer agreed: "It could I mean, to be honest, all through this case, there's been a lot of conspiracy theories, suspicion or what you want to call it, that has upset the family."

This comes at it has been reported that a local mayor has said Spanish police have spoken to several people who said they may have seen Jay Slater watching Euro 2024 matches after his last contact with friends.

Slater flew from Lancashire to the Canary Islands for a music festival but disappeared after he went to stay with people he met during a night out on June 16.

During his final call to his friend Lucy Law at 8am local time last Monday, the 19-year-old said his phone had only one per cent battery, he was thirsty and he did not know where he was.

Travel Writer Joe Crawley

Travel Writer Joe Crawley explained the evidence is unsubstantiated

GB News

His last location showed he was in the Rural de Teno Park - an area popular among hikers. He has not been seen since and the search has entered its 10th day.

Earlier this week, two extra dogs and their handlers were flown in from Spain to join in with the search of the “very difficult” terrain.

Tenerife police said: “The Civil Guard continues with the search device for the young British man who disappeared in the Masca neighbourhood, belonging to the municipality of Buenavista del Norte (Tenerife), in which different units of the Civil Guard participate.

“In addition, today several Canine Guides of the Civil Guard dispatched from Madrid with their canine agents specialised in the search for people on large areas of land, belonging to the Cynological Service of the Civil Guard.”

\u200bMountains of Tenerife where Jay Slater disappearedMountains of Tenerife where Jay Slater disappearedPA

One of the dogs, a four-year-old Belgian shepherd from the Madrid dog unit, was spotted sniffing between cacti and mountain shrubs on a hiking trail which runs towards the sea.

Officers have said that the dogs have not been given pieces of Slater’s clothing to assist with the search.

However, cadaver dogs are trained to pick up the scent of human remains without the need for prompts, The Times has reported.

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