Christmas traditions risk going out of fashion as young Britons turn noses up at classic celebrations

Christmas traditions risk going out of fashion as young Britons turn noses up at classic celebrations

'Kill the tradition NOT the turkey': Should we save the turkeys this Christmas?

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 14/12/2023

- 14:58

Secret Santa and Christmas puddings are some of the festivties most disliked by many Gen Zs, a survey has revealed

Young Britons are turning their backs on classic Christmas traditions which give them the “ick”, a new study has revealed.

Traditional jolly activities such as Secret Santa and classic dishes such as Christmas pudding are among some of the festivities that Gen Z dislike the most.

The study, which reveals Britons’ festive fears, was conducted by battery company Duracell and surveyed over 2,000 people.

It found that Gen Z were more likely to dread spending the day with their family, with 12 per cent fearing a December 25 spent with relatives, whilst only 3 of Boomers shared this concern.

Young woman looking bored at Christmas

Christmas traditions risk going out of fashion as young Britons turn noses up at classic celebrations


These festive fears have the potential for some to ruin Christmas, with one in ten of those surveyed saying that when these doubts creep in, they can spoil their celebrations.

The research also revealed that young people were anxious as to whether their relatives would ask them questions about their relationship status, which was one of Gen Z’s top 10 dislikes.

A worry that many people regardless of their age seemed to share was getting sick before the big day, with 54 per cent of those surveyed fearing catching a bug ahead of the festivities.

Other collective fears for Brits were presents not arriving on time (33 per cent), forgetting to buy a family member a present (28 per cent), and overcooking the turkey (24 per cent).


Christmas pudding

Many Gen Z's dislike Christmas puddings


Festivities taking place outside of the family home also sent shivers down the spines of some respondents.

Both Gen Z and Boomers had attending a work Christmas party on their top 10 list of festive icks.

Boomers also had their own dislikes that had the potential to spoil the holiday period.

Many find hearing the same Christmas songs on repeat irritating (32 per cent compared to Gen Z’s 22 per cent), whilst the older generation are twice as likely to find Christmas clothing unappealing (33 per cent compared to Gen Z at 15 per cent).

People wearing Christmas jumpers

Boomers are twice more likely to Gen Z's to dislike Christmas jumpers


The research also found that many Brits fret more about what to get their loved ones.

Brits are 50 per cent more likely to dislike buying someone a gift they won’t like, rather than receiving a gift they aren’t a fan of.

Marco Montanaro, Associate Marketing Director, Duracell said: “Christmas is meant to be a time of joy; however, our research shows it can be stressful. With the pressure to get everything right, it’s no wonder Brits experience festive fear.

“Whether it’s running out of wrapping paper, forgetting the trimmings, or overlooking essentials such as batteries it can feel overwhelming and get in the way of a magical Christmas.”

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