Britain's housing woes to 'get WORSE' as demand for property surges

Britain's housing woes to 'get WORSE' as demand for property surges

Britain's housing crisis is set to 'get worse'

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By GB News Reporter

Published: 13/04/2023

- 21:44

Updated: 14/04/2023

- 08:37

A housing expert has warned there is far too much demand in the UK

THE crisis in property supply across the UK is only going to get worse, a housing expert has warned.

Jonathan Rolande, from the National Association of Property Buyers told GB News: “At the moment there's a lack of supply of property and far too much demand.

“It is closely linked to unknown population growth. People want to be more mobile, people want smaller households and there's just a shortage of property.

“What we've built in the last year is at least 100,000 less than the fairly modest target of 300,000.

“So the problem is only going to get worse. In short, we just have too many people, and not enough homes, and it's almost a case of musical chairs really.”

Mr Rolande was speaking to Jacob Rees Mogg who also launched a staunch defence of private landlords, saying they are a vital part of eventually bringing property prices down.

Criticising proposals announced today to change planning rules for short-term lets, Mr Rees Mogg said: “This is another regulation hitting people in the use of their own property.

“Why shouldn't you be allowed to let your property out to whomever you wish to let it out? Why has the government got to interfere and create cost and regulation for people who aren't doing any harm?

“This is symptomatic of a whole approach that has been wrong over several years, and has pilloried the private landlord.”

Rees-Mogg added: “The private landlord is really important both economically and in terms of housing provision. What does the private landlord do? He or she provides flexibility.

“If you want a mobile labour force, you need a private landlord. Private landlords are good and sensible people who when they've got a good tenant don't want to get rid of that tenant for frivolous reasons.

“They want that tenant to stay providing an income, so it's good for both sides. And what has been happening recently has just stacked it against the private landlord.

“If we take away things like section 21 then there will be less supply. It will be harder for tenants.

“I’m determined that we ensure that more people have access to local homes at affordable prices, and that we prioritise families desperate to rent or buy a home of their own choice to where they work.

“That's great. But the way to do that is by building more homes, not by making it harder to rent.

“What we need is to build more houses and if we build more houses then the price of property will come down, and we will reverse the decline in home ownership that we've seen in the last 20 years.”

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