DVLA issues urgent 'five minute' warning to drivers over car tax changes weeks after price hikes

DVLA issues urgent 'five minute' warning to drivers over car tax changes weeks after price hikes

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Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 24/04/2024

- 16:39

Updated: 24/04/2024

- 17:27

Some drivers saw their car taxes jump by £140 a year earlier this month

The DVLA has called on drivers to ensure their vehicle tax is up to date or they could face hefty fines and charges, just weeks after new rules were introduced.

Writing on social media, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has called on motorists to check their motoring documents.

As part of new changes, Britons are able to see their driver data through the DVLA's "Driver and vehicles" account.

This will show them crucial information such as their driving record, penalty points, MOT renewal dates, tax rates and give them reminders of when they need to renew their documents.

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DVLA sign and car tax reminder

The DVLA has called on drivers to ensure they use their services to keep up to date with their details


Posting on X, formerly known as Twitter, the DVLA questioned whether drivers were aware of when their car tax is due.

It added: "With a Driver and vehicles account, you can choose to receive vehicle tax reminders by text or email!

"Make life a little easier, it only takes around five minutes."

Drivers can sign up for the service if they have a driving licence issued in England, Scotland or Wales and a vehicle log book (V5C) in their name.

They will also need to provide an email address, addresses where they have lived for the last three years and their UK passport or the document used to set up their online immigration status.

Some drivers may also be asked for their driving licence number, National insurance number and V5C log book number.

This comes after Vehicle Excise Duty rates were hiked at the start of the month, as announced in last year's Autumn Statement.

Many petrol and diesel drivers will be required to pay more for their VED over the next 12 months after the Government raised rates in line with inflation.

Drivers with vehicles in the highest bracket of car tax - namely vehicles with a CO2 output of more than 255g/km - will see their annual rate rise from £2,605 to £2,745.

The £140 jump in price could have a huge impact on drivers who are struggling to pay for their car insurance and rising fuel costs.

The majority of drivers would have likely seen a £5, £10 or £15 increase in their annual payments.

Vehicle Excise Duty taxes were also hiked for motorcycles and light goods vehicles on April 1.


Lorry traffic

VED rates and the HGV levy have been frozen at 2023-24 levels


While taxes increased for many drivers earlier this month, drivers of heavy goods vehicles were spared, with taxes and the HGV levy both being frozen at 2023-24 rates.

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