Mollie King 'mum-shamed' as fans slam clothing feature in sweet milestone update with baby daughter

Mollie King 'mum-shamed' as fans slam clothing feature in sweet milestone update with baby daughter

Mollie King was slammed by mum-shamers for putting shoes on her daughter

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 02/04/2024

- 16:09

The Saturdays star welcomed her first daughter Annabella with husband Stuart Broad back in November 2022

Mollie King was recently the victim of mum-shaming by social media trolls who slammed the first-time mum for putting shoes on her daughter's feet whilst she took her first steps.

King and her cricket-playing fiancé Stuart Broad have been together since 2018 and welcomed their first child – Annabella Hope Broad – back in November 2022.

King has kept her fans up to date with her daughter's progress on her social media page and is often bombarded with love when she posts adorable images and videos.

Her recent post saw her proudly showing off her daughter's first steps, making her way from one parent to the other and looking happy with herself as she did so.

“These tiny steps are everything,” King captioned the post but just minutes after posting the forever memory, mum-shamers were on hand to quickly bring her family down.

One user commented: “Please take her shoes off. She doesn't need them on until she is confidently walking outside.

Mollie King and Stuart Broad

Mollie and Stuart were proud parents after their daughter Annabella took her first steps


"Her feet need to be flat on the floor. It is such a huge sensory thing for them to be walking barefoot whenever and wherever possible.

“[I] didn't know it as a 1st time mum, and I'm sure lots of other people don't, so I'm not trying to troll Molly and Stuart, just passing on info that they may or may not read. May or May not take on board, but that is all it is."

Another echoed the concerns and added: “Squeezing her feet into shoes before they have fully formed can be so damaging! They may mould to the shape of the shoe!”

However, the All Fired Up singer didn’t need to respond as her loyal fans were quick to shut down the critics.

Mollie King and Stuart Broad

Mollie and Stuart welcomed their first daughter Annabella back in November 2022


"It wasn’t advice, it was a demand. Language is everything,” one user slammed before another replied: “Mind your own business, they don’t need your opinion."

A third furious fan exclaimed: "Um please take your advice elsewhere she is not your child."

“Why do people feel the need to comment on other people's parenting skills when they see a simple 10 second video? The audacity some people have is beyond me,” another fumed. (sic)

Just days after King gave birth to her daughter, she was left heartbroken after her father died of a brain tumour.

Mollie King

Mollie King has been mum-shamed on social media


Taking to her Instagram to announce the news, she penned: “Heartbroken beyond words. In August, my family’s world was shattered when my Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

"Last week, we had to face the day we hoped would never come and say goodbye. Dad, we love you with all our hearts and we will miss you every single day. You have been our hero and it’s impossible to think of our lives without you.

“You have always been there for us with every step we’ve taken and you even held on a few extra days to meet baby Annabella.

“You gave us your everything. You will be in our hearts and our memories every single day.” (sic)

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