Michael J Fox teases acting comeback amid 33-year Parkinson's battle: ‘I could figure it out’

Michael J Fox teases acting comeback amid 33-year Parkinson's battle: ‘I could figure it out’

Michael J Fox received a standing ovation at the British Academy Film Awards

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 05/04/2024

- 22:37

Updated: 07/04/2024

- 19:54

The Back to the Future actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991

Michal J Fox announced his retirement from on-screen work in 2020, but it seems the actor would consider returning to the big screens under one condition.

When he first announced his retirement, Fox admitted that his Parkinson’s affects his memory and makes it difficult to remember lines of dialogue.

Fox was diagnosed when he was just 29 years old – a year after Back To The Future Part III was released in 1990.

He recently excited fans but claimed that he would return to acting: “If someone offers me a part and I do it and I have a good time, great.

“I would do acting if something came up that I could put my realities into it, my challenges, if I could figure it out,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

The Marty McFly star recently opened up about the “tough year” he had experienced after enduring a jam-packed work diary.

Michael J Fox

Michael initially announced his retirement in 2020


Fox and his wife Tracy Pollan were fundraising and attended the Michael J Fox Foundation’s Country Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's event.

“My daughter's getting married... good things are happening, and life is good. And so it's been a good year, for sure,” he said at the event.

Despite the tough year, his optimism never faded and added: “There's been a lot of challenges. A lot of physical challenges these days have been different bits, but just that I had a lot of stuff … I had a movie, a documentary and a lot of obligations.

“A lot of things have been a lot of effort … And so it was a tough year, but a good year, in each of the challenges (that) came up.”

Michael J Fox

Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson's when he was 29-years-old


Earlier this year, Fox showed his strength and received a standing ovation from Hollywood’s biggest stars as he took to the stage in a wheelchair for the 2024 British Academy Film Awards.

He was assisted onto the stage where he announced that Christopher Nolan’s biopic Oppenheimer had won Best Film of the Year.

As he presented the prestigious prize, he said: “Five films were nominated in this category tonight and all five have something in common. They are the best of what we do.”

“No matter who you are or where you’re from, these films can bring us together. There’s a reason why they say movies are magic because movies can change your day.

Michael J Fox

Michael teased his return to films


“It can change your outlook. Sometimes it can change your life.”

While he presented the final award of the night, he was also in attendance after his documentary Still: A Michael J Fox Story received recognition in the Documentary category.

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