'Finish your wars at home!' Biden blasted for ignoring Southern border 'invasion'

'Finish your wars at home!' Biden blasted for ignoring Southern border 'invasion'

WATCH NOW: Lauren Chen blasts Biden for ignoring Southern border crisis

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 01/02/2024

- 22:18

Updated: 02/02/2024

- 08:41

Joe Biden has said the world 'doesn't need a wider war in the Middle East'

Joe Biden has been slammed by Lauren Chen as the growing crisis of migrants crossing America's southern border continues.

More than one million migrants have entered the US since Joe Biden became US President nearly four years ago.

Southern states have attempted to take matters into their own hands, before being shut down by the Biden administration.

Earlier this month, Texan Governor Greg Abbott ordered a razor wire to be installed on the US-Mexico border, but the plans were overruled by the Supreme Court, following a request from the US government.

Joe Biden and Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen has slammed Joe Biden for 'ignoring' the Southern border

Reuters / GB News America

A Supreme Court ruling stated that federal government can remove Texas’s barriers in the area. However, Texas Governor Dan Patrick has vowed to continue putting up more fencing.

Patrick told Fox News: "We are putting up wire everywhere we can. We will continue. We will not stop. If they cut it, we will replace it."

Biden is also facing escalating tensions in the Middle East, after a deadly drone strike on a US military base killed three soldiers and injured nearly 40 others.

Biden told media following the attack that he "holds Iran responsible", but admitted we "don't need a wider war in the Middle East."

Former US President Donald Trump has hit out at Biden's "weak and surrendering" efforts in the Middle East, stating we are "on the brink of World War 3".

Speaking to GB News America, Political Commentator Lauren Chen slammed the Biden administration for prioritising foreign affairs over the issues sweeping America.

Chen told host Patrick Christys: "The American people are not happy right now, especially when people from Congress, not just Joe Biden, people are banging the war drums.

"And to that I have to say to Joe Biden, to the people like Nikki Haley or Lindsey Graham, no more going out for wars until you finish your wars at home.

"The American southern border, it seems is completely open. It's being invaded. We have a fentanyl crisis, we have homelessness, we have a crime wave across blue cities."

Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen says Americans are 'not happy' with Joe Biden's administration

GB News America

Chen fumed: "The American people can't afford to simultaneously be funding either peacekeeping efforts or anti-terrorist efforts when there are so many problems that still exist domestically."

In a scathing comparison to the Trump administration, Chen highlighted that there was a "novel" absence of wars and conflicts that America engaged was not in during his time in office.

Chen explained: "Now fast forward to Joe Biden, we have conflict in the Ukraine, we have conflict in the Middle East that seems to be growing rapidly in terms of its scope.

"And we also have worsening with tensions with China over Taiwan."

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