Gen Z warned of ‘ideological leftists’ controlling social media apps: ‘The most progressive generation!’

Gen Z warned of ‘ideological leftists’ controlling social media apps: ‘The most progressive generation!’

WATCH NOW: Lauren Chen warns of social media controlling Gen Z

GB News America
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 01/02/2024

- 20:56

Over 70 per cent of Gen Z Americans admitted they spend 'too much time' on social media apps

Political Commentator Lauren Chen has warned that Gen Z Americans could be victims of "control" from the left, as more and more of the younger generation consume their news through social media.

This follows increasing studies into how Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z use social media on a daily basis.

In a recent study, figures show that over half of participants get most of their news through social media.

Over three quarters of Gen Z Americans and just over 60 per cent of millennials said they rely on social media for news of current events.

Lauren Chen and stock image of teenager

Lauren Chen warns of Gen Z being controlled by leftist social media apps

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In contrast, only 28 per cent of US baby boomers and seniors said they get their news from social media.

Another concerning poll result showed that over 70 per cent of Gen Z voters agreed that they spend "too much time on social media".

Speaking to GB News America, Lauren Chen warned that social media apps may have the ability to prevent younger generations from consuming "balance" in their daily use of social media apps.

However, she stated many right-wing and centrist outlets in broadcast and digital media are still trying to get their messages across to all generations.

Chen told host Patrick Christys: "Studies show the majority of Gen Z do get their news from social media and specifically apps like TikTok or YouTube.

"What we need to keep in mind is that right now, the platforms that Gen Z tend to consume their news from are under the control of ideological leftists."

Chen claimed that apps such as YouTube and TikTok have "terms of service" in place that "actively prevent creators" from discussing topics from a right leaning or centrist perspective.

She fumed: "You're not allowed to miss-gender people on TikTok or on YouTube, you're not allowed to discuss certain issues freely, like the jab mandate, without getting censored."

Stock image of teenager on smartphone

Generation Z are consuming their news through social media apps such as TikTok and YouTube


When asked by Patrick if the older generations and media should be "concerned" for Generation Z and future children growing up in the digital age, Chen stated that Gen Z are growing up to be "one of the most progressive generations we've ever seen".

Chen added: "And the right are going to need to dig deep as to how to reach this generation, when it seems like the most convenient, most widespread avenue, we're actively being blocked by the people who are in charge."

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