Nigel Farage branded ‘Russian spy’ by Natwest staff during debanking saga - bombshell documents

Natwest sign and Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage branded ‘Russian spy’ by Natwest staff during debanking saga

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Joe Kasper

By Joe Kasper

Published: 24/10/2023

- 19:01

Nigel will reveal the full extent of the latest in the saga tonight on his show at 7pm

Natwest staff called Nigel Farage a Russian spy during his debanking saga, new bombshell documents seen by GB News reveal.

In a discussion with colleagues, a worker said: “He got paid from the Kremlin. Bet he’s a spy [sic].”

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The discussions are part of a 600-page dossier the former Ukip leader received following a subject access request.

As a result, NatWest have supplied him with all information it contains on him.

Yesterday he revealed that one staffer wanted to throw a milkshake over him.

They said: “id throw a milkshake at him if i was approached to open an account for him [sic].”

Outside of CouttsFarage was described by Coutts as a backer of Russia President Vladimir PutinPA

Another referenced a BBC article about Nigel having his bank account closed and said: “Hope that knocked him down a peg or 2 [sic].”

And one worker said: “have you all seen Nigel Farages twitter?

“no one will bank him now.

“,have we single handedly drive NF out of the country?![sic]”

Nigel Farage appears on GB NewsNigel Farage reacted to the 600 page document released by NatWest over his debankingGB News

Nigel said: “I thought after the Coutts files, it couldn't possibly get worse. And that's what I put in the subject access request to NatWest, which by law should come back in 30 days. But the loophole is they said it was so complex that they wouldn't come back for three months. And that is what you're seeing today."

It comes after Nigel announced his Coutts account had been closed because his views did not align with those of the bank.

He has since switched to Lloyds Bank.

A NatWest Group spokesperson said: “We have written to Mr Farage to apologise sincerely for the deeply inappropriate comments made about him and the poor behaviours displayed. Neither are consistent with the standards of service that our clients should expect.

“The Group has commissioned an independent review into recent events, Phase One of which has been delivered to the Board and we will complete the necessary processes and publish the key findings, along with the Group’s response, as soon as possible.

“We are determined to learn the necessary lessons from this so that in the future we live up to the high expectations our clients rightly place upon us.”

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