Fury erupts as two women tear down posters for kidnapped Israeli children in London

Two women seen ripping down posters in London

Fury erupts as two women seen tearing down posters for kidnapped Israeli children in London

Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 13/10/2023

- 10:00

Updated: 13/10/2023

- 10:47

The women were heard saying ‘this is for Palestine’ as they pulled down the flyers

Posters for missing Israeli children have been torn down all over London by palestinian supporters in protest over the Israel-Hamas war.

Footage on social media shows two women ripping down the flyers in Camden, but GB News understands posters have also been torn down in other parts of the capital.

Met Police have been made aware of the footage and are reportedly assessing the situation.

The posters show the faces of men, women and children believed to have been abducted by Hamas since their attack last weekend.

WATCH NOW: People seen ripping down posters for kidnapped Israeli children

“This is for Palestine,” the women can be heard saying, as they tear down the posters which had been tapped on multiple sides to the walls.

The footage has been blasted as “disgusting and shameful” by social media users.

One user said: “These are the two charmers who ripped down posters of children taken by terrorists.

“They support the kidnap and terrorising of children. Disgusting & shameful depravity on our London streets. They support terrorists let’s be very clear about that.”


Ripped down poster

Ripped down poster spotted near Paddington

Tom Fredericks/GB News

Another wrote: “Imagine being so deranged - so full of Jew hate - you rip down a poster pleading for the return of hostages.”

A third said: “Heartless witches. Surely, no matter what nation you may have sympathies for, everyone can condemn this as a disgusting action?”

Israel Defence Force officials suggest as many as 150 people have been taken hostage by the terrorist organisation, including babies.

In the footage, passersby can be heard asking the women “Why don’t you do something for Palestine?”

One of the women removing posters replies: “This is for Palestine”.

Another voice in the video tells the women that support for Palestine and Israeli hostages is “not mutually exclusive”, adding: “It’s children, it’s innocent people”.

The woman replies snaps: “What about the children in Palestine?

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