BBC The Repair Shop star pays tribute to Suzie Fletcher as he spills on filming in the barn: 'An absolute crush on Suzie!'

BBC The Repair Shop star pays tribute to Suzie Fletcher as he spills on filming in the barn: 'An absolute crush on Suzie!'

WATCH HERE: The Repair Shop's Richard Biggs pays tribute to Suzie Fletcher in an exclusive interview with GB News

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 17/04/2024

- 07:00

Updated: 27/06/2024

- 15:48

Suzie Fletcher has been part of The Repair Shop cast since 2018

The Repair Shop expert Suzie Fletcher has been identified by one of her fellow experts in the barn as one of the best to work with inside the barn.

GB News exclusively caught up with optics expert Richard Biggs who spilled all about working in the barn with Fletcher and their fellow craftspeople.

Fletcher, whose brother Steve also regularly lends a helping hand in the barn, is an expert when it comes to leather having worked as a saddle maker for decades.

The Repair Shop star got the call to star in the show having returned to the UK from the USA following the death of her husband, with her brother being the one to recommend her for a stint in the barn.

She's worked with almost every expert that's stepped into the shop and Biggs admitted Fletcher is always a joy to work alongside.

"Am I allowed to say that?" Biggs said with a chuckle when asked who his favourite castmate to work with was. "Oh, I've got an absolute crush on Suzie.

Richard Biggs

Richard Biggs is the optics expert in the barn


"She is lovely. She's absolutely... quite often there's leather work involved, especially with telescopes so she'll do that.

"There was one occasion where the director said, 'Right on this reveal, you're going to work with Dom [Chinea]'.

"So (I said), 'He's done nothing on this one, can't I do it with Suzie?' Okay. So she and I stood there together.

"She's just... she's very courageous, you know, with her history that she's been through. She's a very courageous and lovely lady."

Suzie and Steve Fletcher

Suzie and Steve Fletcher have become firm favourites on The Repair Shop


Biggs' compliments towards the Fletcher family didn't stop there either, as he also commended Steve during his chat with GB News.

The optics expert said: "Steve's the expert at [finding a way to fix anything]!

"He'll get something in front of him that he's never seen before and he asks what's wrong with the mechanism? It's missing? Right? So you want to repair this - and it's not even complete.

"He did that with a little Jack-in-the-box figure money box, an American money box when you put a dime in and it swallowed it.

The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop: Suzie Fletcher has been praised by her co-star


"You had to convert it to make it into a pound, but there was no mechanism inside.

"So he got on the internet, got the original drawings from the factory from a very similar model, built it, it didn't work, took it apart, rebuilt it, did it, modified it and got it working.

"Now that that amazes me, his skill is fantastic. And his mind can go on this lateral thinking and get something working."

Sadly for Biggs fans, he won't be reuniting with either of the Fletcher siblings in the latest series.

WATCH HERE: Richard Biggs addresses The Repair Shop future

Biggs said of his future on the show: "It's not up to me, it's up to the contributors, and Ricochet [casting agency]. The last one I did was this time last year in April, I haven't done anything for a year, which has been disappointing.

"Apart from financially it's... I would love to be there tomorrow, if they found (an item for me) I'd load up the car and go.

"It's strange, because it was two or three each year for quite a few years. I've done 10 all together. But nothing for a year.

"They did phone last year and said they've got a pair of sunglasses, one lens missing and the arm broken. That is not my skill set, I've never worked on sunglasses. But other than that, they've not come up with anything."

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